Little Wire around the Internet!


I wanted to collect some of the web appearances including derivatives, news, reviews of my Little Wire project and I’m sharing them now.  It is very good to read that someone around the world liked or started to use your own project! : )—-deska-kompatibilni-s-littlewire-a-usbtinyisp-avr-programatorem 

Last but not least, you can find the posts on Dangerous Prototypes page from the following link. They really really helped me to reach more people than i could ever reach by myself.

And finally the initial forum topic that I opened at the Dangerous Prototypes forum. This topic also has many derivatives of my project. People started to use / build them at this topic even before i started selling them!

I hope more people shares their experiences about the Little Wire!


2 thoughts on “Little Wire around the Internet!

  1. Hi Ihsan

    I bought a LittleWire after following your efforts at DangerousPrototypes, now it looks like it will become my main and highly used programmer and in high demand for the Swarm Robot project, so I might have trouble finding time to play with all the other modes it has!


    • Hi!

      Thanks for your kind words. Those kind of feedbacks, make me happy to work on this project more and more.

      I hope you can find time to discover uses for other modes as well ! :)


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